Remembering our Power


I am currently drugged up on Azithromycin and Guaifenesin as I fight a nagging case of Bronchitis. I’m also slowly transitioning back from my recent trip to Bali, Indonesia and preparing for the million and one things I have signed up for during my Singledom out here in Burlington, Vermont. Personal life in context, I won’t even begin to address the political state of my country, but simply put, there has been a lot on my mind lately.

So how does one still feel empowered to tap into their genius amidst chaos? How do I find and keep the balance between mind, body, and soul when the world is spinning non-stop? It definitely takes some work. Work that I have come to realize, has to be just as important as everything else in my life. Work that isn’t just completed once a week, but repeatedly, in practice, everyday.


Currently on my plate, I have a full time University role serving and supporting college students, a faculty position at a local community college, a part time workshop gig at a local private college, and a number of visions in motion. Then there are my beloved family and friend relationships that require time and energy to nurture, as well as self-care: adequate sleep, healthy diet, fitness, healthy self-esteem etc. So where is the peace? What is the magic? How does one tap into their highest self?


Over the last year, I have filled my life with a toolkit of resources and strategies to help stay encouraged, centered, hopeful, and motivated. (Sometimes I have to actually remember to use the tools… )

But here are some that have helped:

Sometimes I struggle with insomnia, feeling the ongoing list of things I need to do running through my head at night, or I find myself recounting the incidences that have caught me immobilized in my feelings. Breathing exercises and meditation are great ways to be present in the moment, let go of the past and the future, and find deeper relaxation. 

Morning rituals are also great. I love waking up before sunrise. I’ll play a favorite song, recite a few mantras or affirmations, meditate, stretch, take my vitamins, a warm shower with my favorite smelling soap, make tea, etc etc. The way I start off my morning, sets the tone for the rest of my day. 

Carving out time to be alone is also important. With everything on my plate, I rarely have time to myself. I think this has made me more introverted as a person. Every week I make a mental note to block of my weekends for myself, and every week I find my weekend filled with invitations from friends and social gatherings. So I’m flexing my muscles so I can say “No” more often and not feel guilty. Everyone needs time to themselves. Friends and Family will understand. 

Filtering through your social feeds to make sure the posts you see are feeding you mentally and spiritually is also a plus. There are pros and cons to social media, however I have found that with the followers that I have now, whenever I scroll through my Instagram or Facebook, I end up landing on a message that is right on time. A positive and affirming message that gets me through the day. In fact, all of the images and quotes on this post have come from my social feed. 

& last but not least, I have learned to unconditionally accept everything that comes my way. Rough moments like today, my emotions, my blessings, stress, anxiety, sickness, my to do list, relationships etc etc… Being able to openly receive every part of my path and be completely present with it, in the moment, makes a world of a difference. Presence gives you time to deal with the situation with your mind, body, and spirit. The quote “Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it” is so accurate. We all have our struggles, the magic is finding the blessings and lessons in them to help you elevate to the next level. 







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