The Revolution Begins Within


Intuition becomes stronger when you trust and believe in your gifts.

I have always been intrigued by Tarot cards. I remember seeing my first Tarot Card reading sign in a pop-up storefront in the Bronx on my way to and from elementary school. With a Christian background, these things were always forbidden. The idea of divination and magic was unfortunately synonymous with darkness and evil.

“Magic is a word that makes people uneasy, so I use it deliberately, because words they are comfortable with, the words that sound acceptable, rational, scientific, and intellectually sound, are comfortable precisely because they are the language of estrangement.” Star hawk 

As I got older, I had experiences with gifted readers who would tune into their spiritual side to offer guidance and wisdom.

After moving to Vermont I found myself surrounded by other beautiful souls spiritually interested in different spiritual tools and practices . I now have a collection of tarot and oracle decks and I often take these cards on my travels. I’ve read with reluctant family members, strangers abroad, friends, students, and even some of my dates. (This is often a quick way to break the ice and explore how open we all can be).

So this week, I pulled two cards as I asked for guidance during these difficult political times. The two cards I pulled were: Death & the Magician card. What a powerful combo… Two Major Arcanas that I believe adequately speak to the spiritual archetypal themes of this moment.

The Death card represents the end of a cycle.We saw Obama and the first family leave, and the arrival of this new chaotic leadership. We felt the collective shift as we stepped into this darkness of division and hatred.

Death can also mean retreating inward to let go of old things that no longer serve us. Maybe these are thoughts and patterns we’ve been sustaining that don’t bring us to the next level, toxic habits or relationships, limited belief systems… We have to shed the old to make room for the new. With the rise of protestors and enraged communities, America is shedding the patriarchal, White supremacist skin…and making room for what this revolution will give birth to.

The Magician card is a beautiful one. It carries the wand, the sword, the pentacle, and the cup. It shows the connection of everything around us. Emotion, Thought, the Material world, Passion… The Magician is the alchemist, who believes fully in him/her/their self, ridding themselves of the old, and CREATING and MANIFESTING what the world needs at this time.

What are you called to do ? What is your purpose? What is your dreams and goals?  How will you find your place in this current journey? The revolution my friends, begins within.






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